Their Eyes Were Watching God
Reading Questions
Chapters 14-18

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Answer the questions in the space provided below each.

1. When they move to the Everglades, what does Tea Cake do by the day? What does he do at night?

2. After Tea Cake teaches Janie how to shoot, what do they go out hunting? How does this benefit them economically?

3. At first Janie stays home and cooks and keeps house during the day, but then she does what because she misses Tea Cake so much?

4. What does Nunkie do that makes Janie jealous?

5. Janie because friends with Mrs. Turner. What does Mrs. Turner thinks sets herself aside from Negroes?

6. Why is Mrs. Turner under the impression that Tea Cake has a lot of money?

7. Why does Mrs. Turner bring her brother over to meet Janie?

8. Why does Tea Cake whip Janie?

9. Why do the Indians begin to leave the Everglades?

10. Finish the following statement: “They seemed to be staring at the dark, but……”