MP Breakdown Applied 2015-2016

Marking Period 1
Position Paper
Submit summer reading assignments
Mystery of the Missing Colony: reading assignment and film
Death on the Unsinkable Titanic
Presentation of oral summer reading
Autobiography Unit: modeling of autobiography; directions; google.doc setup; write: rough draft, editing lesson, final copy; presentations
Death of a Dream
Student Introduction to Vocabulary
Vocabulary 1-2,3-4,5-6,7-8
Reading for Comprehension
Custer’s Last Stand
Search on line for article on Battle of Little Big Horn and print for future reference in historical fiction piece
Lesson on Paragraphs
Historical fiction piece on Custer's Last Stand: rough draft, editing lesson, final copy, sharing
Take to the Hills
Film on Main Idea- Main Idea Worksheet
Film on Context Clues -Context Clues Worksheet
Video on Elements of Plot – worksheet on elements of plot
Video on Theme – worksheet on theme
Video on Characterization – worksheet on characterization
Video on Tone – worksheet on Tone
Video on Author’s Purpose - Author’s Purpose Worksheet
Video on Figurative Language - Figurative Language Worksheet
Reading Packet with questions: Yellowstone, Television, Fingerprints, Mosquitos

Marking Period 2
Online Benchmark Keystone Test
Vocabulary 9-10,11-12,13-14,15-16
Addressing the PSSA Open Prompt
Six Months on Mir- reading and writing assignment
A Second Legacy – reading and writing assignment
Death on the Unsinkable Titanic
Rules for capitalization
Capitalization Worksheet 141-142
Capitalization Worksheet 1-6 rules of capitalization
Elements of a Short Story
The Tell Tale Heart
The Landlady
Read Haven’t I Made a Difference
Haven’t I Made a Difference Essay
Broken Chain
Coma Unit

Third Marking Period
Hiroshima Unit
Begin Research Paper Unit

Fourth Marking Period
Conclude research paper
Review for Final Exam