AP English 2015 – 2016 School Year Teacher: Mrs. Trudy A. Miller

Course Description:
This course is designed to prepare students for college level reading, writing, and analysis. The course is designed around the following units of studies: Poetry, Drama, Fiction (Novel and Short Story), and Expository Prose. Students will receive in-depth instruction in: literary analysis, literary terminology, and approaches to writing in various formats. The course will also include tips on taking the AP English Examinations, as well as practice testing on the AP English Examinations. Students will be required to read specific works of literary merit and to demonstrate an understanding of these works through class discussion, book notes, quizzes, and analytical essays. The course is designed to help students become skilled and inferential readers of poetry and prose written in a variety of periods, disciplines, and rhetorical contexts, and to become skilled writers who can compose for a variety of purposes. This course parallels a first-year college composition course. Students who pass the AP English Literature and Composition Test in May are granted three college credits in English.
Material Requirements: (to be purchased by student)
  • 3- inch loose- leaf binder - the binder must be this large to hold all of the associated class material
  • 1 pack of 50 standard weight sheet protectors – clear
  • 4 tab dividers
Novels for the Course: Novels required for the course are supplied by the school district.
Academic Requirements:
  • AP Binder: All handouts and graded papers are to be placed in your binder by marking period. This is a record of your work and academic growth over the school year.
  • Relevant Homework and Class-work
  • Reading of pertinent novels, short stories, essays, poems, expository prose, handouts
  • Practice AP Exams
  • Quizzes
  • Essays
Grading: Grading is on a weighted basis.
  • Homework 10%
  • Class-work 10%
  • Quizzes 30%
  • Writing Assignments/Tests 50%
Class Work/Homework Policy:Work is absolutely due on the date assigned or the student will receive a grade of a zero. If a student is tardy, leaving early, or absent from class due to a field trip or extracurricular activities or other school activities the day that an assignment is due, he or she must submit that assignment to me by the end of the school day by placing it in the collection bin in the student center in my room. If a student has an excused absence the day that an assignment is due, the student will have the same number of days as the days of absence to make up the missing work, as per the rules in the student handbook. If this is not done, then the student will receive a grade of a zero. Failure to bring class materials or homework will result in a reduction of your daily grade as well. When you are absent from school, it is your responsibility to check the current class schedule on my wiki site to keep up with your work and to check for scheduled homework, quizzes, and tests. If you are in class the day that a quiz or test is given, you are not excused from taking it because you were absent the previous day. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO CHECK MY TEACHER WIKI AND YOUR STUDENT E-MAIL ON SNOW DAYS OR EARLY DISMISSAL DAYS FOR ASSIGNED CLASS WORK. You may reach me personally by e-mailing me at tmiller@jtasd.org or telephoning the high school office at 570-325-3663.
Class- work and Homework Schedule: Available at: http://trudyamiller.wikispaces.com
Classroom Policy: The following policy is posted in my classroom: In this class: 1. We take care of ourselves. 2. We take care of each other. 3. We take care of our stuff.

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