MP Breakdown for CW1 Fall Semester 2015

Marking Period One
Showing Not Telling Video
Showing Versus Telling
Description Practice
Critique of descriptive piece from The Flame
Figurative Language PowerPoint
Figurative Language Lesson
Turn Telling into Showing
Turn Telling into Showing Essay
What is Description?
Active and Passive Voice
My Greatest Terror Essay
Smell Essay
Strong Nouns and Verbs Essay
Critique of piece from Teen Ink
Elements of Good Description
Elements of Good Description Essay
Imagery and Literary Devices Video
Examples of Imagery
Imagery Essay

Marking Period Two
Dangling Modifiers
Introduction to the Personal Narrative
Handout: Personal Narrative Topics
Journey Essay
Tutorial: Personal Narrative Genre
Significant Experience Essay
Video – “Show Don’t Tell – Narrative Writing”
Childhood Possession Essay
Video –“Personal Narrative Leads”
Overcoming Fear Essay
Shining Moment Essay