Creative Writing 1 Position Paper 2015 Fall Semester TEACHER: Mrs. Trudy A. Miller

COURSE LENGTH: One Semester: 5 Periods Per Week
Creative Writing I is a one -semester course that focuses on descriptive writing during the first quarter and non-fictional narrative writing during the second quarter. It is a low-pressure class designed to evoke students’ creative talents; therefore, almost all work is done within the classroom setting under teacher guidance. There is minimal homework. In Creative Writing 1 students will read and analyze the published writings of both professional and student authors from various books and periodicals in order to model literary types and techniques. Students will learn how to incorporate the following literary techniques within their own writing: figurative language, imagery, description, plot line: introduction, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution, characterization, realistic dialogue, point of view, and conflict. The culminating project of this class is a cumulative capstone-writing project. Superior pieces produced throughout the semester are selected for publication in our high school literary magazine, The Flame, which is published at the end of each school year, in May. In addition, students will seek out publication in various public venues that include Teen Ink Writing Magazine, and various writing and essay contests.
The Compact Reader by Jane E. Aaron
The High School Writer Literary Magazine
Teacher tutorials
MATERIAL REQUIREMENTS: (to be purchased by student)
1 three- prong paper folder
Writing assignments
Grading: Grading for this course is based on total points
Class Work/Homework Policy:Work is absolutely due on the date assigned or the student will receive a grade of a zero. If a student is tardy, leaving early, or absent from class due to a field trip or extracurricular activities or other school activities the day that an assignment is due, he or she must submit that assignment to me by the end of the school day by placing it in the collection bin in the student center in my room. If a student has an excused absence the day that an assignment is due, the student will have the same number of days as the days of absence to make up the missing work, as per the rules in the student handbook. If this is not done, then the student will receive a grade of a zero. Failure to bring class materials or homework will result in a reduction of your daily grade as well. When you are absent from school, it is your responsibility to check the current class schedule on my wiki site to keep up with your work and to check for scheduled homework, quizzes, and tests. If you are in class the day that a quiz or test is given, you are not excused from taking it because you were absent the previous day. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO CHECK MY TEACHER WIKI AND YOUR STUDENT E-MAIL ON SNOW DAYS OR EARLY DISMISSAL DAYS FOR ASSIGNED CLASS WORK. You may reach me personally by e-mailing me at or telephoning the high school office at 570-325-3663.
Class- work and Homework Schedule: Available at:
Classroom Policy: The following policy is posted in my classroom: In this class: 1. We take care of ourselves. 2. We take care of each other. 3. We take care of our stuff.

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