Helpful Websites:

Guide to Grammar and Writing:

This is an extremely comprehensive site, perhaps the best there is. It provides all types of help in both grammar and writing. There are pull down windows for word and sentence levels, paragraph level, and essay and research paper levels. There are even Peripherals and PowerPoints on specific topics, as well as a place to ask grammar questions. If you need help from anything to how to tell the difference between active and passive voice to how to document Internet sources in an APA research paper, this site can definitely help you. It is extremely user friendly.

Figurative Language

This is a wonderful guide for all types of figurative language and devices that are used in poetry. The poetry of Robert Frost is used to supply examples.

Spark Notes

Wonderful online access to Spark Notes, and you can print them out from here

Elements of Plot.

Excellent information on elements of plot, characterization, point of view, conflict, foreshadowing, irony, tone and mood, symbolism, theme, imagery, and figurative language.

Strunk, William, Jr. 1918. The Elements of Style

This site contains the entire handbook, which is broken into individual chapter links for the user's convenience. It provides and invaluable and free writing guide.